Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot Tribes Release Rendering of East Windsor Entertainment and Gaming Facility

Tribes: SB 957 Will Preserve Connecticut Jobs and Revenue, Revive Tourism

(HARTFORD, CT) –  The Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Tribes, in their continuing effort to preserve jobs and revenue in Connecticut, today released a rendering of their planned East Windsor entertainment and gaming facility. The two tribes also outlined the benefits of Senate Bill 957, which would include a massive infusion of funding to assist the state's tourism industry.

The proposed development will be a world-class, 200,000 square foot gaming and entertainment facility with 2,000 slot machines and 50 to 150 table games. As SB 957 stipulates, the facility would pay a 25% tax on its slot machines and a 25% tax on its table games, on par with Massachusetts tax rates. The table game tax rate will be split, with 10% of the revenue going directly to the state and 15% going to support state tourism initiatives.  

Under those parameters, the bill could add as much as $10 million to the state's annual tourism promotion budget. According to the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut’s “$14 billion tourism industry… supports 80,000 direct jobs.”

“SB 957 is exactly what Connecticut needs to thwart an immediate threat right across our border,” said Kevin Brown, Chairman of the Mohegan Tribe. “What’s more, tourism-boosting provisions make this a statewide bill that will benefit every corner of Connecticut.”

“Tourism is a critical part of Connecticut’s economy, but financial constraints have kept our state from doing all it can to grow this industry,” said Rodney Butler, Chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe. “This bill will be a boon to the many thousands of businesses across Connecticut that rely on attracting new visitors.”

MMCT Venture was created to preserve jobs and revenue in the state of Connecticut. To learn more, go to


Benefits for East Windsor & Connecticut 

Under the Development Agreement reached between MMCT and the Town of East Windsor, East Windsor will receive: 

  • A $3 million payment due no later than 15 months prior to opening

  • An annual payment of $8.5 million - $5.5 million in property taxes and $3 million in additional funds 

If Senate Bill 957 is passed authorizing the construction of the East Windsor facility, Connecticut will receive: 

  • 25% of slot revenue 

  • 25% of table game revenue - 10% of which will go directly to the state, and 15% of which will support state tourism initiatives 

What's At Stake?

MGM Resorts International is building a $950 million casino in downtown Springfield, five miles from Connecticut’s border - 36 miles from Hartford.

Without action from Connecticut, we stand to lose more than 9,000 jobs and $100 million in state tax revenue.

If the state does nothing, Connecticut will lose ...


  • Over $702 million from its economy

  • Up to $100 million annually in the state tax revenue

  • And 9,300 direct and indirect gaming jobs

Two iconic competitors have come together to fight for Connecticut jobs.

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and the Mohegan Tribe formalized a partnership and stand united to make sure that Connecticut jobs and revenue are preserved. Working together with municipalities and legislators, they plan to build a new facility, at their expense, and save thousands of jobs and millions in revenue.

A New Casino Development in Connecticut Brings Benefits to the Larger Community

Want proof? Look no further than to our hometowns. Crime is lower today than the day we opened our doors. Home prices are up. Residents now use new water and gas lines and travel on better roads.

We want to do the same thing wherever this new facility is located.


If We Work Together, This Is a Fight We Can Win

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and Mohegan Tribe play a critical role in our state’s economy. Revenue from our gaming facilities is directed to 169 Connecticut towns and cities and plays an important part in improving our quality of life. Over the years, we've helped pay for countless improvements from open space to public education.

There’s much at stake.  By taking action now, we can:

  • Recapture 46.1% of the 9,300 jobs that will be lost in CT and 80% of the lost gaming and non-gaming revenue

  • Create a total of 6,584 jobs

  • Generate $337 million in gaming and non-gaming revenue

  • Generate nearly $77.9 million in taxes for CT

Join Us

 You can help now by speaking out and telling your local elected official that you support Connecticut in the fight to save jobs.

"Massachusetts has declared war on us and we are going to fight back...This is our clarion call. We're going to fight for jobs in eastern Connecticut."

-Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff